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Our Favorite Fall Natural Wines

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Fall is in the air back home in New England and we're ready with our apple cider, frosty mornings, and all the other lovely things fall brings on the mind. 

Another one of the things we love about fall is pairing our favorite natural wines with our favorite fall activities! Coming from summer where our focus is on light rosé and chilled reds, we look forward to opening a slightly different profile of wine in the fall. Here is a list of some of our favorite fall natural wines, and some tips on when we love to drink them!

apple picking 2018

1. For that fall pumpkin dish, you’ve been dying to make

Queen of the Galaxy - Vin de California - $29.95

Made with 100% Barbera from Contra Costa California. Low in tannin yet high in acidity. It's incredibly smooth and balanced and would be a perfect pairing for pumpkin ravioli or other variations of this fabulous fall food. Pro tip - if you're making your pumpkin dish from a whole pumpkin, save and roast the seeds for an awesome snack!

2. For the big football game

Hell Ya Pinotage - The Blacksmith - $28.95

Whether your a big NFL fan like me (Brady GOAT), or a college football fanatic like Holly (Boomer Sooner!), you need something to pair with your tailgate food. Sure, beer is the classic choice, and if I had to choose a beer that was easy to find it would be an easy-drinking Session IPA like Founder's All-Day IPA, but wine can work just as well if you're in the mood to switch it up.

Hell Ya! Pinotage is described as Beaujolais meets Pinotage, with Tremayne showing what Pinotage can be if you preserve its freshness. You get the carbonic on it with bubblegum and banana, alongside cherries, and blueberry. Medium across the board, it can play well with lots of foods or even alone! Serve slightly chilled. It's a perfect pairing for tailgate-style food with a little grease.

3. For your fall leaf-peeping picnic 

La Bise - Chateau le Payral - $26.95

A picnic in the fall still counts as a picnic, and we love a lighter orange wine for this option. It of course helps that they have the nice fall leaves on the label. Golden color with textured tannin, melon and guava fruit, exotic spice mix, persistent finish that will lend itself well with a cheese plate or charcuterie board. Perfect natural wine for fall! No need to serve this one super chilled, just bring it along and open it up when you're ready! 

4. To pair with your favorite homemade apple dessert

PĂ©tillant - Vin de California - $29.95

This is a pet-nat with the perfect amount of bubbles makes it a perfectly natural pairing with your favorite fall desserts. It's also great for any occasion where you want to make a toast or generally celebrate the season!  A fun sparkling pet-nat from Vin de California! This soft blend of both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is perfect for sunny days with good friends.

dog apple picking(Bonus photo of apple picking with Norman last fall)

5. For the turkey

Beaujolais - Cambon - $26.95

Beaujolais and turkey have got to be up there with our favorite combos out there. Get ready for a fruit bomb! The aromatics are vibrant with strawberry, earth, and red cherry. This is a delicate, elegant wine that embodies what we love about Beaujolais! It makes a great gift too - so gift it to red wine-loving grandma's to be the favorite grandchild this year!

6. That special occasion with your closest friends

La Sin - BIBich - $34.95

Last, but never least, an extra special silky Croatian red from the Dalmatia region to open only with the people you care about most - it's not cheap! The nose is vibrant with red cherry and hints of rhubarb. Quite light yet still very acidic and lively. This red spends 12 months aging in Burgundy barrels. This wine is delicate and Burgundian in feel. Amazing wine!

7. For all occasions and curated by the MYSA team

Fall Natural Wine Kit

$189.95 with free shipping ($235 value)

fall natural wine kit

Fall is probably my favorite season for wine drinking with all of the options as potentials and orange wines are really at their peak! Hopefully these help you sort through what the best wines are for the next few months and if you want to have a stock up of our favorite bottles right now, jump on our Fall Mixed Pack.

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