Natty AND Nice: The MYSA Natural Wine Holiday Gift Guide

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We built the ultimate holiday gift guide stuffed full of natural wines. It’s the perfect list to reference when you don’t know how well-behaved your friends and family have been this year, but you do know they deserve wine.

Only the nicest natural wines made the list to gift so you can’t go wrong.

MYSA Natural Wine Natty List

The categories:

    Gift That Keeps Giving

    Natural Wine Club

    MYSA Natural Wine Club

    Keep the good wines coming! A perfect gift option for the person who has everything.

    1. $84.95 (3 bottles)
    2. $149.95 (6 bottles)
    3. $274.95 (12 bottles)
    4. Orange Only - $124.95 (4 bottles)
    5. Red Only - $124.95 (4 bottles)

    Bonus: Use code COZY15 for 15% off the first month of your gift subscription!

      Gift for the Natural Wine Novice

      Natural Wine Starter Kit

      The Starter Kit, $109.95 (4 bottles + free shipping!)

      A complete package for someone wanting to “get into” natural wines that includes a red, orange, pet-nat and a surprise!

      Gift for the Wine Guzzler

      glou glou natural wine box

      Glou Glou Box, $209.95 (8 bottles)

      Natural wine is famous for its chuggable, low-ABV, easy-drinking wines. “It’s so fresh, so invigorating, so glou-glou.” - a Frenchman in Beaujolais

      Gift for the Trendsetter Orange Natural Wine Box

      Orange Wine Box, $219.95 (8 bottles)

      For the true orange wine lover, this box is a wonderful mix of light oranges that you might not know were macerated on their skins, all the way up to some that have been on their skins for years.

      Gift for the Tastemaker

      Funky Town Natural Wine BoxHype Juice Box, $199.95 (6 bottles)

      Some natural wine producers have that star status and we have to put purchase limits on their wine so that everyone can have some!  In this box we're celebrating these wines with a star-packed box of hype juice from across the globe! For this box, we've taken 6 bottles of red, white, sparkling, and orange wines from producers like Frank Cornelissen, Las Jaras, Swick and more to create an epic lineup for your next insta pic!

        Gift for the Bubbles Lover

        bubbles natural wine box

        Bubbles Natural Wine Box, $219.95 (8 bottles)

        Sparkling wines are some of people’s favorites because of their versatility and the cheer they can bring to any wine moment!

        Gift for the Red Wine Lover

        red natural wine box

        Red Wine Box, $219.00 (8 bottles)

        A lot of people have preferences on what kind of wines they drink, so if you or your loved one is only into reds, this is the perfect box for you! For this box, we've taken 8 bottles of mystery gorgeous red natural wines, many of which are very rare and highly discounted!

        Gift for the Secret Natty Bro

        secret natty bro box

        Secret Natty Bro, $139.95 (5 bottles)

        Secret natty bro: thought he was a napa cab fan till he tried a rosé pet-nat and now he's all in! Comes with 5 wines that suit his new found love, without looking too crazy coming out of the box!

        Due Date

        The last date to ship, and guarantee that the wine makes it for the Christmas gift exchange, is December 15th

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