Impress Your Friendsgiving Crew 2022

Impress Your Friendsgiving Crew 2022

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This holiday season we've invited a few of our friends to our Friendsgiving dinner. Because after all... friends are like family! 

And you can't forget the natural wine when preparing for a Friendsgiving feast. In fact, we advocate starting with it. There are a wide variety of wines to pick from that will enhance your meals as dinner options move beyond the usual turkey and sides.

We asked our friends what they would bring and what foods they would pair it. Check it out below, then don't forget to place your order by November 15th in order to have it by Thursday, November 24th. 

Starting the Party

Charles Springfield Recommends:

Breaking Bread 2021 Zinfandel Pet-Nat

Why that wine?

"First off, I love ros√© wines, and with a little effervescence, it‚Äôs double the fun. With its slightly fizzy style that bubbles over with hints of strawberry, watermelon and peach, I think it‚Äôs the perfect match for Friendsgiving appetizers ‚ÄĒ particularly my Mushroom Bruschetta with Gryuere and Thyme. It‚Äôs a delicious match of salty and savory balanced out with soft fruit notes and generous acidity. I think it‚Äôs the perfect way to literally break bread with my friends as we unite and celebrate life and friendship."

What food would you pair it with?

"With its slightly fizzy style that bubbles over with hints of strawberry, watermelon and peach, I think it‚Äôs the perfect match for Friendsgiving appetizers ‚ÄĒ particularly my Mushroom Bruschetta with Gryuere and Thyme. It‚Äôs a delicious match of salty and savory balanced out with soft fruit and generous acidity."

Nic Jansson Recommends:

Nic Jansson - MYSA Natural Wine

I am The Ninja by Testalonga

Why that wine?

"I love whites with Thanksgiving food. The acidity really helps balance the food that I personally find a bit cloying at times - everything is SO rich and so heavy. (My own ‚Äėhot take‚Äô is that Thanksgiving food is a bit overrated). The bubbles also help cut that richness beautifully. I really love all the Testalonga wines, but the Chenin‚Äôs in particular really stand out for me."

What food would you pair it with?

"Literally anything at the table. I could pretty much drink this wine through the entire meal, from the appetizer all the way to dessert and be happy."

Sean & Paraic of GlouGlouGays Recommend:

Tu Vins Plus Aux Soire 2021 by Fabien Jouves

Why that wine?

"We’re not responsible for cooking, so we like to make sure that everyone is entertained in the living room while the host finishes cooking. That's why we like to bring something like this rich ruby bottle. This bottle is so versatile: decant it for the drama, or not; serve it with a light chill, or not; have it with food, or not! It's the perfect bottle for any Friendsgiving (or, to be honest, any occasion). We first had a bottle from Fabien Jouves in a wine bar in Barcelona; the bartender described his wines as elemental and this rings true here with dark fruits, earth and smokey notes."

What food would you pair it with?

"Pair this with a charcuterie board: spicy chorizo, peppery soppressata, and salty prosciutto. Add some crusty baguette and some good conversation, and this bottle will be POPPING OFF!"

Wild Card

Kenda aka The Nola Wineaux Recommends:

City Pop Pet Nat by Swick Wines

Why that wine? What food would you pair it with?

"This year for MYSA's Friendsgiving I'm bringing City Pop Pet Nat from Swick Wines to pair with the pot of seafood gumbo I'm also bringing. Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Gris pair exceptionally well with spicy cajun dishes such as gumbo. And this wine has all of those wines in it."

For the Turkey

The gals from Glou Up Recommend:

Abruzzo Mescalito 2020 by Alchimia Wines

Why that wine? And what food would you pair it with?

"For our Friendsgiving pick we are bringing serious main character energy. The perfect bottle to go with the big bird and allll of the fixings. Abruzzo Mescalito 2020 by Alchimia Wines is 100% Merlot in the most unexpected way. Layered and fruity with hints of spice, a twinge of effervescence, and a glouglou drinkability. A slight chill will keep this crowd pleaser flowing all evening long!"

For the Sides

Lucia Palm Recommends:

Hermann J Wiemer Dry Riesling 2020 from the Finger Lakes, New York

Why that wine?

"I would bring the Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling because most people associate rieslings with being sweet and this is a perfect example of a very well made and elegant Riesling that isn't sweet at all. On the palette you get a symphony of peach, lime, jasmine, the slightest hint of honey and bracing acidity. The Finger Lakes in New York is very underrated and makes fantastic rieslings. I find this wine to be one of the best examples of that!"

What food would you pair it with?

"This wine would pair perfectly with honey baked ham (a must at my Friends givings) Mac and Cheese or a Blue Cheese and Pear Salad with Hazelnuts. Or chicken liver pate! Yum!"

McKenna from Gleam Connections Recommends:

Palmento by Vino di Anna

Why that wine? What food would you pair it with?

‚ÄúFor Friendsgiving I‚Äôm bringing Palmentino Rosso by Vino di Anna! This super unique wine comes Sicily, just north of Mt. Etna. The volcanic soils that the grapes were grown on give it a lovely minerality and freshness. It‚Äôs a red blend of about 90% Nerello Mascala and other native Italian grape varieties. Notes of wild strawberries and other red fruit. Not only is this wine interesting due to where it was cultivated (bonus points for being a great conversation starter), it pairs great alongside pre dinner snacks/appetizers or the veggie side dishes!‚ÄĚ ‚Ä®‚Ä®

To Wrap it Up

Holly Berrigan Recommends:

Zinfandel by Breaking Bread

Why that wine?

"It's a perfect medium-bodied red for putting with thanksgiving fare! Zin can get pretty big, but this version is lighter and fresher, making it a great, and somewhat surprising pick for the whole table!"

What food would you pair it with?

"I love the idea of this with Ham in particular, or duck, if you're going away from the more traditional bird. It's also great for sides like sweet potatos!"


We love all these friends and their picks! You can't go wrong if you're pairing based on what you love, but when it's time to share, all these tips will steer you towards the MOST food friendly wine for your next Friendsgiving.

And if you're looking for even more recommendations, we put together two collections:

All American Friendsgiving Collection - This box has a little bit of something for everyone with a classic Zin, a perfect fall rosé, fun bubbles, and a deeper orange. Half-traditional, half-fun and natty, probably a bit like the company at your table?!

Classic Thanksgiving Collection - This box is going fully classic to pair with all the flavors you'll have on the table this time of year! A Bojo (classic T-giving wine) an American Bojo/Trousseau/Pinot Blend, light skin contact Chenin (you WANT Chenin on the table) and some bubbs to round it all out.

P.S. If you're planning to order wine from us for Thanksgiving, be sure it's before November 15th to receive yours in time for Thursday, November 24th. 

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