How to Explain Natural Wine to Your Mother

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With Mother's Day close approaching, we've had people asking about sending wine to their mom's (yes, we did make a Mother's Day Wine Box!) and thought this was a good opportunity to write a blog on how to explain natural wine to your Napa Cab (Nic's Mom) and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (Holly's Mom) drinking mothers!

Natural wine can be a bit of a shock when you're talking to someone when compared to what they're used to drinking. The average wine drinker may still have dreams of their Josh Cellars Pinot Noir being handpicked by a family and stomped in a barrel barefoot, and the spontaneous fermentation, low intervention style of winemaking often creates a foreign flavor profile too!

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Here is our five-step guide to explaining natural wines to your mother:

1. Set the Stage

Take caution when you first approach this conversation and always start with the most important aspect of a wine: whether you enjoy drinking it. This gives everyone the room to feel comfortable with whatever wine they've been most enjoying but also leaves room for new ideas. No one should be preachy, no one should be made to feel bad about what they're drinking. That said, if it's something that excites you and you're passionate about, there's simply no one better to share it with then your mother!

2. Health & Environmental Benefits 

Start with the health benefits of natural wine. The prospect of pesticide-free wine with fewer sulfites is enough to perk up anyone's ears. Everyone would rather drink and eat organic, and if mom is a Trader Joe's or Whole Food's shopper, natural wine should be right up her alley! After you hook mom in with a discussion of sulfites, pesticides, and additives, get into the environment. Dry farmed vineyards that practice biodynamic agriculture often have healthier vineyards that leverage things like cover crops and natural pest-control, like wildlife, to promote a sustainable ecosystem that leaves the planet better off than it was before.

3. Explain the Differences

The Baby Boomers and Silent Generation are known to enjoy consistency and familiarity in their wines. Natural wine, with its lower-intervention cellar practices, is going to be more prone to variation by vintage, or even bottle. Remember, these are living wines. If you need a quick refresher yourself, check out our blog here: What Is Natural Wine?

4. Bring in Stories & Scarcity

Bring in the stories of the producers. The majority of natural wine producers are tiny with small amounts of each bottle produced. Some of these producers have crazy cows or fun histories to explore and that can resonate. With other moms, the idea that only 500 of that bottle exists can also draw their attention. 

5. Be Prepared with Wine!

If you're going to talk about natural wine, make sure you're prepared to have them try some! We know it's hard to find, but there are a lot of great stores or restaurants you can find (check out our blog for 5 cities so far) or you can just buy some online!

Bottom Line

Most moms are awesome and more likely than not really love you and want you to be happy. Thus, if you love natural wine, they will likely try it and fall in love with it too!

Shout out to our MYSA Natural Wine mothers for letting us pick on them, being our first wine club members (even before they knew what natural wine was), and probably being 2 of the 3 people that will read this blog (shoutout to you too Grammie). Happy early mother's day, we love you! 

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  • Thanks for the shout out! I love the way you wrote an article to teach us moms about natural wine. They will need those talking points for sure. You both have a clever way of writing that is catchy and informative in a fun way! Love ya’ll!!

    Melanie Sauls on

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