MYSA Natural Wine Team Featured on HGTV's House Hunters International

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Pre-COVID, the MYSA team of Nic, myself and Norman filmed an episode of House Hunters International for our move to Barcelona! On the show we found our apartment and visited some natural winemakers, natural wine fair hosts, and other importers with Norman the wine dog.

While we may have moved back from Spain after COVID hit, the relationships we made were long lasting and we're excited to have worked with some wonderful people in the long term!

Below is an overview of how it went, everyone featured on the show, and of course a Norman update along with a few fun behind the scenes pics we took during the process.

Norman the Wine Dog

We can only assume you are here to check in on Norman the Wine Dog! He's been a bit off the radar on his Instagram lately, but is still hard at work managing our growth and customer service at MYSA! We're quite confident his stardom is just beginning since he was the clear star of the show and refused to leave the film crew when they piled back in the van!
He is available for all kinds of shoots and responds especially well to bribes of charcuterie or cheese!

Natural Wine

Was this your first time hearing about natural wine?! You would not be the first! The category is growing like crazy and our risk has completely paid off since filming. The US saw large amounts of growth both in the natural wine category and with online sales with COVID so our tiny shop has turned into a robust natural wine destination online for US consumers!

Please take a moment to check out our site for some awesome insights on what natural wine is, where you can find it, and if you'd like to try it out check out our wine club or retail bottles! The Hodgkinson wine we featured on the show is actually included in our 3-bottle club at time of publication! 

Norman found a shady spot to run his sound work.

Featured Visits

We visited some WONDERFUL people involved in natural wine across Catalonia in the episode and wanted to take a moment to highlight them here so you can check out their wines and events next time you head to Spain!

Wine Store Visit: Cuvee 3000

We had a great time checking out the natural wines Cuvee 3000 stocked in their store! Beyond that, they are also a wonderful distributor of natural wines across Spain and carry a lot of the same wines that we love to sell at MYSA like Vinyes Tortuga, Clos Lentiscus and many others! If you are in the area definitely check out their store or ask about their selections at places like Bar Brutal!

Natural Wine Bar: Garage Bar

When we met with Stefano at Garage Bar, him and his wife Alejandra became some of our closest natural wine friends in the city! We not only did multiple tastings at their bar (definitely visit when you're in Barcelona!) but we also had a wonderful time at their natural wine fair Vella Terra and ended up working with several producers from their list!

Natural Winemaker: Hodgkinson Wines 

Since filming, the first wines from Hodgkinson have arrived stateside and are available for sale here! We are in love with their traditional Priorat wines, made naturally and I'm sure you also fell in love with how gorgeous their vineyard is and it's history!

Our Apartment

Also, this show was about our apartment, so we'll assume you already watched the episode and know the apartment we picked! We ended up in Sant Gervasi and loved our location for the time we were in Spain. We had a blast exploring the area with the House Hunters International team and could not have picked a better location (even if it didn't have a terrace or Spanish charm!).
P.S. Nic's bike never did get a home outside our 2nd bedroom 🙄


Filming was really fun and different experience for Nic and I! The crew was so nice and it gave us a great opportunity to experience Spain in a different way. Shoutout to all the lovely people that made the episode happen. We appreciate all of you so much and could not have had a better time apartment hunting with y'all!

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed learning about natural wine with us and check out our site!

All the best,

Holly, Nic, and Norman


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